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Go Up to Debugger Options

Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Visualizers

Use this page to enable/disable any of the debugging visualizers installed with the product. Visualizers provide a more human-readable format for specific data types, and thereby make debugging easier. For example, the TDateTime/TDate/TTime visualizer for Delphi and C++ displays actual month, day, year and hour, minute, second instead of floating point numbers.

Item Description

Registered Visualizers

Lists the names of the debugger visualizers that are registered with the product and available for your use, including any visualizers that you have created and registered.

  • CheckBox.png Select the checkbox for visualizers you want to enable.
  • CheckBoxUnchecked.png Clear the checkbox for visualizers you want to disable.

You can write your own visualizers and associate them with a specific data type by using the Tools API; for more information, see Debugger Visualizers.

Two types of visualizers ship with the product:

  • Value replacer. This type of visualizer presents data in a more heuristic or usable way.
    Example: TDateTime/TDate/TTime visualizer.
  • External viewer (represented by ExternalVisualizer.png). This type of visualizer presents data in a separate viewer.
    Example: TStringList visualizer. Click the down-arrow on the icon ExternalVisualizer.png to display choices.

For items that have external-viewer visualizers available, the various Debug windows indicate the presence of the visualizer by displaying an icon and/or providing a context-menu Visualizers command.

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