W0008 Invalid ipa option: 'string'

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You get this warning when you run the Platform Assistant client and use the -i or --ipa command-line option with an invalid value.

If you get this warning from RAD Studio, make sure that the Provisioning page for the target platform configuration (Ad hoc or Application Store) contains all the required information. See Completing the Provisioning Page.

For example:

> paclient.exe --ipa="ProjectName.app,ProjectName.ipa,'iPhone Distribution',"

The command above is wrong because the fourth parameter in the string associated to the -i or --ipa command-line option, which should contain the path to a provisioning profile, is missing.

For more information, run the Platform Assistant client either with the -? or with the --help command-line option to see the command-line help, and check the documentation of the -i or --ipa command-line option.

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