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RAD Studio Rio displays the Welcome Page when you open the IDE. You can close the Welcome Page by right-clicking the page's tab and selecting Close Page (Ctrl+F4). To reopen the Welcome Page, choose View > Welcome Page.

Start Here

The Start Here section contains links to useful information to get you started, shortcuts to create new projects, open existing projects, or open sample projects. From the Welcome Page you can also add platforms and extensions or open the GetIt Package Manager to download add-ons.

Your recent projects are listed in the Open Recent section for easy access as well as a number of Sample Applications.

A collapsible sidebar displays a list of upcoming events and a list of RAD Studio videos available at Embarcadero's YouTube channel.


The Tutorials section contains links to videos on how to set-up your environment (Windows and Mac) to develop Android, iOS, and OS X applications. There is also a set of Mobile Sample applications (code snippets) for both Delphi and C++, with links to videos and their respective page in the docwiki.


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