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The Active Server Page (ASP) technology lets you write simple scripts, called Active Server Pages, that can be launched by clients via a Web server. Unlike ActiveX controls, which run on the client, Active Server Pages run on the server, and return a resulting HTML page to clients.

Active Server Pages are written in Jscript or VB script. The script runs every time the server loads the Web page. That script can then launch an embedded Automation server (or Enterprise Java Bean). For example, you can write an Automation server, such as one to create a bitmap or connect to a database, and this server accesses data that gets updated every time a client loads the Web page.

Active Server Pages rely on the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) environment to serve your Web pages.

Delphi wizards let you Create Active Server Pages, which is an Automation object specifically designed to work with an Active Server Page.

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