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This section describes features that distinguish RAD Studio C++, such as descriptions of the C++11 features supported in C++Builder, and recommendations on working with UnicodeString in C++.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language based on C. Generally speaking, you can compile C programs under C++, but you cannot compile a C++ program under C if the program uses any constructs specific to C++. Some situations require special care. For example, the same function declared as func twice in C with different argument types causes a duplicated name error. Under C++, however, func will be interpreted as an overloaded function; whether or not this is legal depends on other circumstances.

Although C++ introduces new keywords and operators to handle classes, some of the capabilities of C++ have applications outside of any class context. This topic discusses the aspects of C++ that can be used independently of classes, and then describes the specifics of classes and class mechanisms.

See Exception Handling in C++Builder for details on compiling C and C++ programs with exception handling.


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