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Use this dialog box to add new persistent fields to a dataset and create data fields, calculated fields, and lookup fields. The dialog box is displayed when you right-click any of several dataset components, such as TClientDataSet, and choose Fields Editor.

Use the Fields Editor at design time to create persistent lists of the field components used by the datasets in your application. Persistent fields component lists are stored in your application, and do not change even if the structure of a database underlying a dataset is changed. All fields in a dataset are either persistent or dynamic.

Context Menu

Right-click the Fields Editor to access the following commands.

Item Description

Add fields

Displays the Add Fields dialog box which enables you to add persistent field components for a dataset.

New field

Displays the New Field dialog box which enables you to create new persistent fields as additions to or replacements of the other persistent fields in a dataset. The types of new persistent fields that may be created are data fields, calculated fields, and lookup fields.

Add all Fields

Creates persistent fields for every field in the underlying dataset.


Removes the selected fields from the Fields Editor and places them on the clipboard.


Pastes the clipboard contents into the Fields Editor.


Deletes selected fields without copying them to the clipboard.

Select All

Selects all of the fields in the Fields Editor.