Importing and Exporting UML Models

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You can share UML model information with other systems by importing and exporting model information or by sharing project files.

Import and export features

Feature Description

Exporting diagrams to images

You can save diagrams in image files in several graphic formats, including:

  • Bitmap image (.BMP)
  • Enhanced windows metafile (.EMF)
  • Graphics interchange (.GIF)
  • JPEG file interchange (.JPG)
  • W3C portable network graphics (.PNG)
  • Tag image file (.TIFF)
  • Windows metafile (.WMF)

See Exporting a Diagram to an Image and Export Diagram to Image dialog box.

Importing from XMI

Exporting to XMI

Using XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) format files, you can exchange UML models across programming languages and UML applications.
For example, if you have a UML model created with some third-party UML modeling application, you can import this UML model, saved in an XMI format file, into RAD Studio's Modeling. The imported UML model can be used for the extension of the existing UML model or as the basis of a new modeling project.
Likewise, you can export files designed in Modeling UML models as XML format files for use in third-party UML modeling applications. The result is a single, portable .XMI file.
Notice that only UML models complying with the UML 1.5 specification can be exported from RAD Studio's Modeling.
See Importing and Exporting UML Models Using XMI Format, XMI Export dialog box, and XMI Import dialog box.

Importing legacy Modeling projects

You can reuse UML models (and implementation projects) created with legacy versions of the Modeling feature in legacy RAD Studio versions.
That is, if you have a modeling project, created by one of the legacy versions of RAD Studio, then you can simply open this project. RAD Studio will automatically implement all required conversions.

Importing IBM Rational Rose (MDL) models

It is possible to import UML models designed in IBM Rational Rose. The following file formats are supported: .MDL, .PTL, .CAT, and .SUB.
See Importing a Model in IBM Rational Rose (MDL) Format and 'Project from MDL' and 'Project from MDX' Wizards.