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Syntax (See Pseudo-grammar)

#pragma comment({lib | exestr | user} [ , "STR" ["STR" ...] ])


The comment directive lets you write a comment record into an output file. The comment type can be one of the following values:

Value Explanation


The linker writes a string into an .obj file. Your specified string is placed in the executable file. Such a string is never loaded into memory but can be found in the executable file by use of a suitable file search utility.


Writes a comment record into an .obj file. A library module that is not specified in the linker's response file can be specified by the comment LIB directive. The linker includes the library module name specified in the string as the last library. Multiple modules can be named and linked in the order in which they are named.


The compiler writes a string into the .obj file. The linker ignores the specified string.

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