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Go Up to Tools Options Dialog Box

Tools > Options > Deployment > SDK Manager | select an macOS, iOS Device - 32 bit, iOS Device - 64 bit, or iOS Simulator SDK | Update Local File Cache
Run > Attach to Process | Remote machine | [...]
Run > Load Process > Remote | Remote host | [...]

This dialog box provides a combo box with the names of any existing connection profiles for a given platform. The name of the platform is appended to the title of this dialog box, such as "Select Connection Profile for the '32-bit Windows' Platform".

You can either select an existing connection profile from the combo box, or select Add New to open the Create a Connection Profile wizard and create a new connection profile. Click OK to close the dialog and use the selected connection profile.

RAD Studio also displays the Select Connection Profile dialog box when you try to perform an action that requires a connection profile, such as running an macOS application, and you do not have a connection profile associated to the current target platform.

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