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RAD Studio works in the context of a project. A project is a collection of files that are used by RAD Studio to create a target application. This collection consists of the files you include and modify directly, such as source code files and resources, and other files that RAD Studio maintains implicitly. All files in this collection are referenced from the special project file created and maintained by RAD Studio. The project file also stores all settings used by RAD Studio to build a target application from these source files. RAD Studio uses project files with the file name extensions .dproj for Delphi projects and .cbproj for C++Builder projects.

The Modeling works in the context of a modeling project. The Modeling extends an ordinary RAD Studio project, adding to it files that describe UML diagrams used in the modeling project. The Modeling adds references to these modeling files into a modeling project file.

The Modeling works with the implementation and design modeling project types:

  • Implementation project—Implementation projects are language-specific projects. Implementation projects support only UML 1.5 models. An implementation project file specifies the Delphi source code files and the files of UML diagrams created in this project. You can create UML 1.5 models for Delphi projects. The file name extension of implementation project files is .dproj.
  • Design project—Design projects are language-neutral and comply with one of the UML 1.5 or UML 2.0 specifications. The file name extension of design project files is .tgproj.

It is up to you to define which directories, archives, and files should be included in your project. You can set up project properties when the project is being created and modify them further, using the Object Inspector.

Supported project formats

Project format Project type Basic supported actions



Create, open, save, edit.

Modeling design formats: UML 1.5, UML 2.0


Create, open, save, edit.

Old editions of Modeling

Design or implementation

Import, share.

IBM Rational Rose (MDL) format


Create a new design project by using the import Project from MDL wizard. (See Import a Model in IBM Rational Rose (MDL) Format.)

XMI format


Importing and Exporting a Model Using XML Metadata Interchange (XMI).

The set of available project types depends on your license.

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