Using Styled and Colored Buttons on Target Platforms

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The following table shows the availability of the StyleLookup, TintColor, and IconTintColor properties for buttons (such as TButton and TSpeedButton), on all target platforms.

StyleLookup Windows OSX iOS Android TintColor* IconTintColor*
ActionToolButton X X X X o
ActionToolButtonBordered X X X o
AddItemButton X X X X
AddItemButtonBordered X
AddToolButton X X X X o
AddToolButtonBordered X X X o
ArrowDownToolButton X X X X o
ArrowDownToolButtonBordered X X X o
ArrowDownToolButtonBorderedRight X X X o
ArrowLeftToolButton X X X X o
ArrowLeftToolButtonBordered X X X o
ArrowRightToolButton X X X X o
ArrowRightToolButtonBordered X X X o
ArrowUpToolButton X X X X o
ArrowUpToolButtonBordered X X X o
ArrowUpToolButtonBorderedLeft X X X o
BackToolButton X X X X o
BackToolButtonLabel X X
BookmarksToolButton X X X X o
BookmarksToolButtonBordered X X X o
ButtonStyle X X X X o
ButtonStyleLabel X X
CameraToolButton X X X X o
CameraToolButtonBordered X X X o
ClearEditButton X X X X
ColorButtonStyle X X X X
ComposeToolButton X X X X o
ComposeToolButtonBordered X X X o
CornerButtonStyle X X X X
DeleteItemButton X X X X
DeleteItemButtonBordered X
DeleteToolButton X X X X
DetailsToolButton X X X X o
DetailsToolButtonBordered X X X o
DoneToolButton X X X X
DropDownEditButton X X
EllipsesEditButton X X
ForwardToolButton X X X X o
ForwardToolButtonBordered X X X o
InfoToolButton X X X X o
InfoToolButtonBordered X X X o
ListItemButton X X X o
ListItemDeleteButton X X X X
NextToolButton X X X X o
NextToolButtonBordered X X X o
OrganizeToolButton X X X X o
OrganizeToolButtonBordered X X X o
PageCURLToolButton X X X X o
PasswordEditButton X X
PauseToolButton X X X X o
PauseToolButtonBordered X X X o
PlayToolButton X X X X o
PlayToolButtonBordered X X X o
PriorToolButton X X X X o
PriorToolButtonBordered X X X o
RadioButtonStyle X X X X
RefreshToolButton X X X X o
RefreshToolButtonBordered X X X o
ReplyToolButton X X X X o
ReplyToolButtonBordered X X X o
RewindToolButton X X X X o
RewindToolButtonBordered X X X o
SegmentedButtonLeft** X X X X o
SegmentedButtonMiddle** X X X X o
SegmentedButtonRight** X X X o
SearchEditButton X X X X
SearchToolButton X X X X o
SearchToolButtonBordered X X X o
SpeedButtonStyle X X X X
SpeedButtonStyleLabel X X
SpinEditButton X X X X
StepperButtonLeft X X X X o o
StepperButtonRight X X X X o o
StopToolButton X X X X o
StopToolButtonBordered X X X o
ToolButton X X X X
ToolButtonLabel X X
ToolButtonLeft X X X o
ToolButtonMiddle X X X o
ToolButtonRight X X X o
TransparentCircleButtonStyle X X X X
TrashToolButton X X X X o
TrashToolButtonBordered X X X o

* The TintColor and IconTintColor properties are only available on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and only for certain StyleLookup values.
** The SegmentedButtonLeft, SegmentedButtonMiddle, and SegmentedButtonRight styles are only available for theTSpeedButton component.

Table legeng:

  • "X": This StyleLookup value is available for TButton and/or TSpeedButton. In the Object Inspector, you can select the given value from the StyleLookup drop-down list.
  • An empty cell: This property value (for StyleLookup, TintColor, and IconTintColor) is not available for the selected style.
  • "o": You can select this property in the Object Inspector.
  • "–": Equivalent to an empty cell. This property is not available for iOS or Android platforms.

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