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Attention: The Borland Database Engine (BDE) has been deprecated, so it will not be enhanced. For instance, BDE will never have Unicode support. You should not undertake new development with BDE. Consider migrating your existing database applications from BDE to dbExpress.

Bde.DBTables.TBatchMove encapsulates Borland Database Engine (BDE) features that let you duplicate a dataset, append records from one dataset to another, update records in one dataset with records from another dataset, and delete records from one dataset that match records in another dataset. TBatchMove is most often used to:

  • Download data from a server to a local data source for analysis or other operations.
  • Move a desktop database into tables on a remote server as part of an upsizing operation.

A batch move component can create tables on the destination that correspond to the source tables, automatically mapping the column names and data types as appropriate.

The following topics describe how to work with a TBatchMove component:

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