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The Create Pattern Wizard allows you to save an existing fragment of your model as a pattern for future use. You can open the Create Pattern Wizard by selecting one or more nodes and links on a Class diagram and choosing the Save as Pattern command on a context menu.

The Create Pattern Wizard has three pages:

  1. General
  2. Pattern Parameters
  3. Select Tree Folder

General page

The General page has the following controls:

Control Description


Specifies the name of the new pattern.


Specifies the XML file name where the new pattern will be stored.

Create Pattern Object

Indicates whether the design template contains the pattern object. Select this check box to use your pattern as a First Class Citizen. This means that an oval pattern element will be displayed on your diagrams when applying the pattern.

Pattern Parameters page

The Pattern Parameters page has the following controls:

Control Description


The element name.

Display Name

The element name and the element type.

Default Value

The default value.


Short description.

Use Existent

If Use Existent is checked for the pattern, then whenever you apply a pattern, a new element is not created if there is an element with the same name and metatype in the target container. This means that elements existing on the diagram are reused when you apply the pattern. If you clear Use Existent, then new elements are created.

Select Tree Folder page

The Select Tree Folder page has the following controls:

Control Description

Select Tree Folder

This pane shows the virtual patterns tree. Here you can select the virtual folder in which to save the pattern being created.


Creates the new pattern. The new pattern is added into the specified virtual folder. This pattern is visible in the pattern tree and can be used to generate design elements.

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