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Customer Experience Program

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Go Up to Environment Options

Tools > Options > Environment Options > Customer Experience Program

RAD Studio includes the Customer Experience Program. You can join this program and help Embarcadero to improve RAD Studio. This option is intended to collect information about the usage of the IDE during your session. This data collection is very helpful to obtain analytics that get Embarcadero to know better the user's experience.

The Customer Experience Program gathers usage information, such as:

  • How often you launch RAD Studio.
  • The number of users of RAD Studio.
  • How you navigate in RAD Studio.
  • The rating and number of crashed sessions.
  • The target platform you select to deploy your application (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOSX).
Note: The Customer Experience Program does not collect or transmit any private or personally identifiable information. It is totally anonymous.

How to join the Customer Experience Program

The Customer Experience Program is integrated as an option in the IDE.

Go to Tools > Options > Environment Options > Customer Experience Program. You will see the option checked. You can leave this option checked to allow the tracking of usage data of your entire session. Otherwise, you can uncheck this option at any time to stop the tracking of information.


Note: The Customer Experience Program option will appear unchecked in the IDE if you unselect it in the installer. The installer includes this option selected by default.

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