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Enterprise Connectors

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Enterprise Connectors, powered by CData, leverages Embarcadero’s RAD Studio FireDAC technology to remove the complexity in connecting to multiple data sources.

By incorporating standards-compliant interfaces like FireDAC for real-time access to cloud or on-premises applications, Enterprise Connectors provides developers a unified approach to seamlessly build applications that connect to leading enterprise data. This simplifies the developer's task in learning and keeping up with multiple evolving APIs while focusing on the key benefits of their connectivity.

The components allow you to integrate 80+ Enterprise applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SugarCRM, MailChimp and JIRA, simplifying connectivity into a standard model using SQL.

FireDAC Component Features

Unicode-Enabled 32/64-bit Data Access Components for SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data.

  • Feature-rich high-performance Data Access Components
  • Full design-time support for data operations directly from RAD Studio
  • Unicode: 32-bit and 64-bit support
  • Full SQL-92 Engine
  • Enterprise-class Secure Communications
  • Replication & Caching support
  • String, Date & Numeric SQL Functions
  • Collaborative Query Processing
  • Dynamic Schema / Meta-data Discovery


Use standard FireDAC components like TFDManager, TFDConnection, TFDQuery, etc. It is just like connecting with a typical RDBMS like MySQL or SQL Server.

FDConnection1.Name := 'SalesforceConnection';
FDConnection1.DriverName := 'CData.Fire.Salesforce';
with FDConnection1.Params as    
	TFDPhysCDataSalesforceConnectionDefParams do begin
FDConnection1.Connected := true;
FDQuery1.Active := true;
FDQuery1.Open('select * from Account where Industry = ''Healthcare''');

Trial Versions

30 day trial versions are available for download via the GetIt Package Manager in the IDE ( Tools > GetIt Package Manager ). Requires RAD Studio 10.2 Professional or higher.

How to Buy

Enterprise Connector Subscriptions are sold in two different editions: Enterprise Connectors and Enterprise Connectors Plus. For a table of supported components by edition, click here.

For pricing information, click here.


You can find detailed documentation and code snippets for each installed component by navigating to C:\Program Files\CData\Component Name\help

License Agreement

You can view the EULA here.

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