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Code Analyst is a utility that helps you identify time-consuming lines of code. The Code Analyst tab of the Options Editor lets you specify Code Analyst operational parameters.

Note: For information on opening the Options Editor, see Specifying Application Preferences and Feature Options.
Note: For information on using Code Analyst, see Code Analyst.

The table below describes Code Analyst options:

Group Options and descriptions

Dependency profiling level

All Dependencies

Code Analyst will use all levels of dependencies when profiling the session.

Dependencies up to level

Lets you specify how many levels of dependencies the Code Analyst will use when profiling the session.


List Package objects

Code Analyst lists the procedures within a package and functions that are found in the Oracle database.

Use SQL Profiler

Code Analyst uses Oracle's DBMS_Profiler package to collect time metrics. Code Analyst displays the actual run time on the database, and does not include the time it takes to get to the server.

Alarms and Thresholds

Lets you set an alarm for each type of object that is collected. For each supported Object Type (procedure, function, package, trigger, type), you can provide the following settings: Alarm % - lets you specify the percentage of total run time a line of code takes when an alarm appears. If the object took more than specified percent of total time, Code Analyst alerts the user by changing the color of the text Ignore 100% - lets you ignore lines of code that take all of the total run time

Show Code Analyst Confirmation Dialog

When you create or execute a session, Code Analyst displays a message that the Code Analyst will run longer than the actual code. You can also select the Please do not show me this dialog again option in the dialog.