Manually Registering or Editing Datasources

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Go Up to Registering Datasources

Each database instance must be registered. Whether you are registering a new datasource, registering a new datasource based on an existing datasource definition, or editing preexisting connection information, you use the Datasource Registration dialog box.

To register a new datasource or edit an existing datasource

  1. Use one of the following actions:
    • To register a new datasource, from the Datasource menu, select Register Datasource.
    • To register a new datasource based on an existing definition, select the existing datasource in the Navigator and then from the Datasource menu, select Register Like.
    • To edit registration information, on the Navigator, right-click a datasource and select Edit.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to providing the information required to register or edit the datasource:
  3. When ready, click Finish and respond to the prompt to connect immediately.
    Note: The Test Connection button can be used when creating or editing a datasource to verify that a connection can be established. Keep in mind that the information currently provided in the wizard is used to test the connection and therefore connection information, credentials, and custom JDBC driver properties if appropriate, must be valid.