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Rapid SQL provides extensive, easy-to-use coding aids for all of the supported DBMS platforms, throughout the application. Aids are provided in the form of ready-to-use code templates and blocks of syntactically correct code.

Paste SQL

  1. From the Datasource Navigator tree, expand the SAMPLE_DATASOURCE > AdventureWorks sub-node.
  2. Select File > New > SQL to open an SQL Editor window.
  3. Select Edit > Paste SQL Statement to open the Paste SQL window.
  4. On the Paste SQL dialog, select Sample_Datasource from the Datasource dropdown, AdventureWorks from Database, All Owners from Owner, and an Object Type of Tables.
  5. In the Tables list, select Purchasing.Vendor.
  6. Under the Columns list, click ALL.
  7. Click the Select radio button.
  8. Click Paste Statement to copy the generated code to the SQL Editor window.

You can use the statement as is, or modify the code as needed.

Paste SQL Syntax

  1. Select File > New > SQL to open a fresh SQL Editor window.
  2. Select Edit > Paste SQL Syntax to open the SQL Syntax for SQL Server window.
  3. Select a template and click Paste to copy the code template into the SQL Editor window.
  4. Add your own code to complete the needed operation.

Proceed to Session 4: Working with Code Workbench.