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The ISQL editor can perform on-the-fly or manually-initiated syntax checking. The syntax of the contents of an SQL Editor widow is checked against the SQL dialect native to the datasource to which the ISQL editor session is connected. Syntax checking can be performed regardless of whether an ISQL editor session is locked to a datasource.

For each syntax error detected, the script is annotates assistance is offered as follows:

  • Line numbers for lines containing syntax errors are flagged with an error icon.
  • Hovering the mouse over an error icon displays a tooltip with an error message
  • The specific error in the line of code is underlined in red


Note: A line-by-line listing of individual syntax errors is also available in the ISQL editor’s Error pane. For more information, see Using the DDL Editor.

Syntax checks can be configured to be performed automatically or you can require a syntax check to be initiated manually:

If the Enable Real-time syntax checking check box is selected, a syntax check is performed whenever there is an interval of 1.5 seconds or more between key strokes. Syntax error annotations persist until the error is corrected and the next automatic syntax check is executed.
  • Manual - If automatic syntax checking is disabled, a syntax check is only performed when you click the Syntax button on the ISQL editor toolbar:
When automatic syntax checking is disabled, syntax error annotations persist until the error is corrected and you explicitly run another syntax check.