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Release 18.3 features summary

Updates Azure cloud monitoring capability in DBArtisan

The monitoring capability for Microsoft Azure cloud is updated in DBArtisan. This functionality includes multi-tabbed process monitoring and management as well as allows you to catch performance issues before they arise.

Supports the latest version of Log4j

DB PowerStudio 18.3 includes support for the latest version of Apache Log4j, which is essential for proper logging and diagnostics of applications.

Improves multiple areas within DBArtisan and Rapid SQL

DB PowerStudio 18.3 includes updates to the following areas within DBArtisan and Rapid SQL:

  • Extraction operations on roles for PostgreSQL allows users to have higher control over their data security.
  • Handling procedures with cascaded parameters on Redshift provides additional usage options with those parameters.
  • Connections to Azure SQL using multi-factor authentication provides more secure access.
  • Connections to PostgreSQL via Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) provides native connectivity for quicker access.
  • Reordering columns for Data Definition Language (DLL) validation allows the flexibility to rerun or reuse in scripts.

Improves multiple areas within DB Change Manager

  • Validation of Dump Devices, Linked Servers, Remote Servers and Server Triggers on Azure enables higher quality of those features.
  • Reuse of connection settings on logins when a node is accessible in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) allows faster user connections.
  • Fully populating database nodes on Azure for completeness.

Updates profiling session capability in DB Optimizer

DB Optimizer 18.3 updates profiling session capability, which alerts users to potentially problematic SQL ahead of time.

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