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IDERA Rebranding

This release begins a rollout of rebranding this product from Embarcadero to IDERA. Note that these changes include a new license agreement, installation and data directories, icons, file names, registry settings, and more. For more information about IDERA and IDERA products, see www.idera.com.

Product Licensing Changes

This new version requires a new license. To access this license, the license holder will need to log into the Maintenance Portal. The product executable download links are available on the same page as your licenses. Visit our Maintenance Portal at https://maintenance.embarcadero.com/. If you encounter a discrepancy with license counts or have issues retrieving your licenses, please email EMBTProductUpgrade@embarcadero.com.

Simplified licensing now offers a single Rapid SQL license for single and multiplatform environments. Standard and Professional editions now are simply Rapid SQL.

For more information about licensing, see Licensing Overview.

Single Java Directory for Multiple IDERA Products

Users who have multiple IDERA products including DBArtisan and Rapid SQL previously had multiple installations of the Java directory under the installation home directory even when the Java versions were the same. With this release, the Java directory is streamlined, using a common files sub-directory with one installation of Java. Version-specific sub-directories exist when necessary.

Improved Password Security

Rapid SQL now uses AES 256 encryption when saving or storing database connection passwords.

Error Reporting for Troubleshooting

Rapid SQL includes new technical support features that help when you have an issue or when the system crashes. Use the IDERA Error Report to create a zip file containing important details about your installation, such as IDERA product information, hardware metrics such as CPU, RAM, disk size, and free space, and necessary database information. If your application crashes and is inoperable, the IDERA Error Report zip file is automatically created and can be found in the appdata log directory. For more information about this feature, see Error Report.

Performance and Exception Handling Improvements

Performance improvements throughout the product should improve response time and decrease the time necessary to launch new windows and tabs. In addition, when an exception occurs, it is more visible to the user that the tool is still operable, but that an error has occurred.

Support Set Current Schema

While working in the SQL Editor to construct SQL commands, users no longer have to prefix a table name if they're working with tables in another schema.

Updated Database Explorer Schema Object Types

Database Explorer is updated to include or reflect changes to the following schema object types:

  • Audit Policies
  • Context
  • Dimensions
  • Policies
  • Policy Groups
  • Queues
  • Queue Tables
  • Refresh Groups
  • Resource Consumer Groups
  • Resource Plans
  • Unified Audit Policies

Support Newer Partitioning Options

This product now supports the full set of partitioning options available for all current versions of Oracle.