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New features for this release fall into the following categories:

Team Server 2016

Functionality previously provided by Embarcadero Connect, is now provided by Team Server 2016. Like Connect, Team Server 2016 is a data governance repository that stores an inventory of datasource definitions and ER/Studio data models.

In addition to functionality provided by Connect, the new product also offers the following features:

  • An advanced search mechanism lets you locate datasource definitions by a variety of criteria, including DBMS platform, version, and host name.You can also search on operational characteristics such as space statistics and ping time.
  • Users can monitor the activity stream associated with their Team Server 2016 account or the activity stream for a datasource definition. Streams include user posts, Likes, and Follows.

64-bit Installation

Rapid SQL and DBArtisan now run as native, 64-bit applications. Separate installers let you choose between 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

64-bit versions of DBMS platform drivers are installed when you select that option. If you are using custom drivers, as of this release, you must be using 64-bit versions of those custom drivers when using the 64-bit version of Rapid SQL or DBArtisan.

Windows 8 Support

Rapid SQL and DBArtisan are now fully supported on the Windows 8 operating system.


As of this release, Rapid SQL and DBArtisan provide support for Teradata versions 13.10, 14, and 14.10. The following topics provide a summary of the new functionality.

Command line startup against Teradata datasources

As with other platforms, command line startup is available.

Rapid SQL offers the following syntax options:

rsql.exe -D datasource -U username -P password

rsql.exe -R ‘connectionstring’ -D datasource -U username -P password

The connectionstring can take the following form:





Using teradatap will make the datasource created permanent.

If the Teradata ODBC driver is installed, the connection will be established using that driver. Otherwise, the Teradata JDBC driver will be used.

Standard Datasource Registration and Connectivity

Currently, you can manually register a Teradata datasource, identifying a host and optionally providing port and database name information.

New 8696 001.jpg

Similarly, a login dialog, prompting for a user name and password, lets you connect to a Teradata datasource.

Datasource Explorer/Navigator Node Availability

In Rapid SQL, object nodes for the new platform are as follows:

New 8696 003.jpg

Object actions such as Object Properties, Execute, Edit Data, Build Query, Select * From, and Schema are available, as appropriate to the object type.

SQL Editor

Execution against Teradata sources is available. Also available are related, common SQL Editor tools such as Query Options, Paste SQL Syntax, and Paste SQL Statement.

Other New DBMS Version Support

As of this release, Rapid SQL and DBArtisan provide full support for the following DBMS platform versions:

  • IBM DB2 LUW version 10
  • IBM DB2 z/OS version 10
  • Oracle 12c
  • Sybase ASE 15.7.

SQL Server Updates

The following topics describe SQL Server updates for the current release.

Sequence Object Type

The sequence object type, introduced with SQL Server version 12 is now supported. A creation wizard, editor, and a basic set of object actions are provided.

New 8696 004.jpg

FileTable and FileStream updates to tables

When creating or editing SQL Server tables, a new set of properties is available. They let you:

  • Specify a filegroup for the table by providing a FILESTREAM_ON argument value
  • Create the table as a FileTable, with a full set of FileTable arguments.

New 8696 005.jpg

A new Enable/Disable Filetable(s) action lets you build and submit an ALTER TABLE statement, specifying either an ENABLE FILETABLE_NAMESPACE or DISABLE FILETABLE_NAMESPACE argument. This enables or disables system-defined constraints on a FileTable.

New 8696 006.jpg

DB2 LUW Updates

The Update Statistics object action has been updated to use the ADMIN_CMD system procedure. This eliminates the constraint of having target datasources registered by alias and using the native client. Update Statistics can now be used against all datasources, regardless of how they were registered.

Sybase ASE Updates

Against version 15.7 datasources, the Login Wizard/Editor now generates DDL that uses CREATE/ALTER LOGIN syntax. New properties let you work with SUID, LOGIN PROFILE, and EXEMPT INACTIVE LOCK parameters.

New 8696 007.jpg

The Change Login Password, Add/Modify Login Trigger, and Drop Login Trigger actions have also been updated to generate DDL that uses ALTER LOGIN syntax.

Oracle Updates

If the Oracle SQL*Net Client is not installed, Rapid SQL and DBArtisan will attempt to connect to an Oracle datasource using the Oracle Database Instant Client.

Query Builder

As of this release, when you add the same table to the diagram pane multiple times, a new alias is automatically assigned to each instance. Adding a table multiple times can be useful when selecting additional data from the table, based on different join criteria.