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Go Up to Licenses

My Settings > Admin > Licenses > Manage Users


The Manage Users page lets you manage user connection licenses and enable or disable user connections.

The page shows a table of users with the following columns:

Item Description

User Name

Username (login name) of the user.

User Description

Description of the user.

License Type

Type of user connection assigned to the target user.

To change the type of license associated to the target user, select the radio button of a different license and click Apply Changes. You can only select a license type if you have licenses of that type available. See Overview of Connection Licenses.


Email address of the user.


Name of the user domain.


Checked if the user account is enabled.

To disable a user account, uncheck this option and click Apply Changes.

Both above and below the table of users there is a list of Actions:

Item Description

Refresh User List

Updates the list of users.

Apply Changes

Saves your changes in the Manage Users page.

New Users Creation

Creating user is also possible by clicking the New User button.NewUserButton.png

These users will be just Team Server exclusive users, not being able to connect to Repository.

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