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Team Server provides two different user experiences: social and non social. You can enjoy either of them, depending on the user connection that a super user assigns you for connecting to Team Server.

The interface of Team Server is different for each type of user, and the available features change as well. For example, special search pages are only available for social users.

The following sections provide an overview of the differences between each type of user. In the User Guide you can find separated sections for social and non-social users that might help you understand the differences as well.

Social Users

Social users have access to several features and additional data of the ER/Studio Repository database that non-social users cannot access, including:

  • ER Object activity:
    • Metadata changes (additions, deletions, modifications).
    • Changes to domains and terms pages.
    • Domain and term page wiki edits.
  • Activity of other Team Server users:
    • User comments in metadata, glossaries, terms, and domain pages.
    • New friends added to pages.
    • Reports (new, changed, deleted reports).
    • Shared searches (additions, deletions, modifications).
  • Create data sources.

You can restrict social users from accessing specific diagrams. You can also assign a read-only access to them.

Non-Social Users

Non-social users can use comments and labels in addition to the basic features that social and non-social users have in common.

Note: Many features that social users can use make comments and labels redundant. Social users can use the Stream, Discussions, and more to interact with resources.

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