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ER/Studio Team Server is the successor of Embarcadero CONNECT, introducing a suite of new and exciting features.

You can find information on previous versions in the Embarcadero Documentation Portal.

People API

ER/Studio Team Server introduces a new API feature to allow you to include People in your API requests.

Data Source Groups and Tags API

The ability to manage Data Source Groups and Tags has been added to the API resources.

Password Locker Audit

The management of the Login Credentials is quite important now that Team Server shares them with other applications, such as DBArtisan. The Password Locker Audit page allows administrators to consult when a login credential is used, on which application and by which user.


OS Authentication for Login Credentials

Selecting OS Authentication when creating a Login Credential allows Team Server to read from the current OS login and use it to log into a Database. This feature is available for SQL Server Data Sources.

Advanced Search

Using the advanced search you have more control on the search than with any other search box in ER/Studio Team Server.

Start here page

With a revised Welcome Page, the newly-updated interface separates the Admin from User features, giving as such a cleaner and more spacious feel to the page. As an administrator, you not only have your own admin version of the page, but a link to the user page to see what your users can experience, as well as increasing continuity between admin and users.


Apps Scripting Feature

Apps allow you to create your own functional applications within ER/Studio Team Server.


Now you can create and manage groups of data sources.


  • Now, a Glossary can have multiple parent glossaries.

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