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Delphi Information

From Math.pas

	function RoundTo(const AValue: Extended; const ADigit: TRoundToEXRangeExtended): Extended;

Unit: Math

Type: function

Visibility: public

C++ Information

From Math.hpp

	long double __fastcall RoundTo(long double AValue, signed char ADigit);

Unit: Math

Type: function


Rounds a floating-point value to a specified digit or power of ten using "Banker's rounding".

Call RoundTo to round AValue to a specified power of ten.

AValue is the value to round.

ADigit indicates the power of ten to which you want AValue rounded. It can be any value from –37 to 37 (inclusive).

RoundTo uses "Banker's Rounding" to determine how to round values that are exactly midway between the two values that have the desired number of significant digits. This method rounds to an even number in the case that AValue is not nearer to either value.

The following examples illustrate the use of RoundTo:

Expression Value

RoundTo(1234567, 3)


RoundTo(1.234, -2)


RoundTo(1.235, -2)


RoundTo(1.245, -2)


Note:  The behavior of RoundTo can be affected by the Set8087CW procedure or SetRoundMode function.

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