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FMX is the unit scope that contains the units and unit scopes of the FireMonkey application platform (FMX).

Unit Scopes

FMX.AddressBookContains the FireMonkey components, classes and interfaces designed to work with a mobile device Address Book.
FMX.AnalyticsContains the FireMonkey implementation of AppAnalytics, a component that enables you to monitor user data from your FireMonkey applications. For more information, see AppAnalytics Overview.
FMX.ASEContains the FMX.ASE.Importer, FMX.ASE.Lexer, and FMX.ASE.Model units, which define functionality for handling Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) models in FireMonkey.
FMX.BindContains the FireMonkey binding navigator classes and types, used for navigating datasets. Also contains a unit that has various implementations for links to several DB fields.
FMX.CalendarDefines presented controls for displaying month calendars.
FMX.Canvas Defines register and unregister routines for Direct2D and GDI+ canvases.
FMX.ComboEditDefines presented edit boxes showing lists of predefined choices.
FMX.ComboTrackBarDefines special presented combo boxes equipped with track bars.
FMX.ControlsDefines classes of FMX.Controls.TStyledControl for user interface controls.
FMX.DAEContains the FMX.DAE.Importer and FMX.DAE.Model units, which enable you to import and manipulate COLLADA (.DAE) models. For more information about DAE import, see
FMX.DialogServiceUnit that provides TDialogService, a helper class to manage platform differences for synchronous or asynchronous behavior when showing dialogs.
FMX.EditDefines FireMonkey controls for single-line text and number editors.
FMX.EditBoxContains the TCustomEditBox base class for all presented edit boxes that manipulate pure numerical values.
FMX.FilterContains the FMX.Filter.Effects unit. As FMX.Filter.pas or FMX.Filter.hpp, defines various classes and types used in FireMonkey 2D bitmap effects rendered in hardware (GPU).
FMX.GridDefines presented grid controls.
FMX.ListBoxDefines FireMonkey controls for list boxes.
FMX.ListViewDefines FireMonkey controls for list views.
FMX.MemoDefines presented memo and multiline edit controls.
FMX.MultiViewDefines base classes and types for multi view components.
FMX.PlatformDefines the global instance of the cross-platform OS abstraction for FireMonkey.
FMX.PrinterDefines printer devices, interfacing and printing-related functionality.
FMX.ScrollBoxDefines presented scroll boxes.
FMX.SpinBoxDefines a special presented edit box equipped with buttons to increment or decrement the displayed numeric value.
FMX.StylesDefines classes for FireMonkey style management.


FMX.AcceleratorKeyProvides accelerator key support for the FireMonkey controls.
FMX.ActnListThe FMX.ActnList unit has the same purpose for FireMonkey as Vcl.ActnList for VCL. The FMX.ActnList unit contains the base classes for working with actions in FireMonkey.
FMX.ActnResFMX.ActnRes defines the single TStandardActions class, whose fields (such as FileExit1) store instances of standard actions (like FMX.StdActns.TFileExit). These instances store the specified default titles, shortcuts, and other properties of standard actions.
FMX.AdvertisingProvides support for advertising services.
FMX.AniDefines subclasses of FMX.Ani.TAnimation, such as TFloatAnimation, and FireMonkey support classes.
FMX.ClipboardAPI to interact with the system clipboard.
FMX.ColorsDefines FireMonkey controls for selecting colors.
FMX.DialogsDefines controls for FireMonkey dialog boxes.
FMX.EffectsDefines FireMonkey 2D bitmap effects rendered in software: blur, shadow, glow, bevel, and reflection.
FMX.ExtCtrlsDefines miscellaneous extra FireMonkey controls.
FMX.FormsDefines FireMonkey 2D and 3D forms, and the global TApplication object.

Defines classes and types for FireMonkey touch and gesturing functionality. FireMonkey support for gestures is very similar to VCL support for gestures.

For general information, see Gestures in FireMonkey and Gesture Support in Metropolis UI Applications. The VCL Gesturing Overview is also useful.

FMX.ImgListTImageList image lists provides centralized collections of images.
FMX.ImportDefines FireMonkey functionality needed for importing models, such as DAE and ASE models.
FMX.InAppPurchaseProvides support for in-app payment services.
FMX.InertialMovementProvides support for inertial moving of the scroll view window during scrolling within the larger content. Scrolling can be managed with the mouse or finger.
FMX.Layers3DDefines FireMonkey classes for 3D surfaces.
FMX.LayoutsDefines FireMonkey layout containers providing functionality for arranging components and for inertial scrolling 2D content.
FMX.MagnifierGlassDefines MagnifierGlass controls.
FMX.MapsThe FireMonkey implementation of interactive maps.
FMX.MaterialsDefines FireMonkey materials and material sources for 3D objects.

Defines classes and types for FireMonkey audio-video media.

For an overview, see Audio-Video in FireMonkey.
FMX.MenusDefines controls for drop-down and pop-up menus. For more information, see Using Menus in a FireMonkey Application.
FMX.MultiResBitmapMulti-resolution bitmaps enable your images and icons to appear correctly in different resolutions (Windows, iOS, OS X, and Android).

Defines the FMX.MultiTouch.TMultiTouchManager class, which is used internally for FireMonkey multitouch and gesturing functionality.

For general information about gestures, see:


Defines 2D drawing primitives--shapes and images. All these primitives inherit TControl and can be used in styles to construct controls.

FMX.Objects3DDefines 3D drawing primitives for FireMonkey.
FMX.PhoneDialerContains classes and interfaces that define the phone dialer services and related information. For an example, see Mobile Code Snippets.
FMX.PickersPickers provide the platform-specific engine giving selection controls with a native view and native behavior under different platforms.
FMX.StdActnsProvides the standard action classes that are available in FireMonkey, including TVirtualKeyboard, TFileExit, and TWindowClose. Also see FireMonkey Actions.
FMX.StdCtrlsContains classes of standard controls like TButton, TCheckBox, and so on.
FMX.TabControlDefines controls for multi-page tabs.
FMX.TextDefines the classes, records, and types used for text layout functionality.
FMX.TreeViewDefines treeview controls for hierarchical lists.
FMX.TypesDefines base types used throughout FireMonkey, including 2D drawing types.
FMX.Types3DDefines base types used throughout FireMonkey, including 3D drawing types.