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Contains classes of standard controls like TButton, TCheckBox, and so on.

The MM_VALUE_CHANGED constant defines the ID of messages that are sent by the TSwitchModel model of the TSwitch control when the Value property is changed.

Package fmx280.bpl


TAniIndicatorRepresents an animated spinning indicator used for illustrating an indefinite waiting time for application processes.
TArcDialRepresents a general-purpose knob-style rotating button.
TBitmapTrackBarRepresents a track bar similar to that implemented by TTrackBar.
TButtonRepresents a push button that contains a text caption.
TCalloutPanelA container for extra information relevant to another item, with a visual indicator pointing to that item.
TCheckBoxRepresents a FireMonkey styled check box that can be either on (selected) or off (cleared).
TCornerButtonRepresents a button with customizable corners.
TCustomButtonRepresents the base class for all buttons.
TCustomCornerButtonRepresents a TCustomButton control and, additionally, provides the tools to customize shapes of TCustomCornerButton control's corners.
TCustomSwitchRepresents a two-way on/off switch for use in applications.
TCustomTrackBase class for all track bar components.
TExpanderRepresents a graphical control used to hold multiple graphical controls with the possibility to expand or contract its display area.
TExpanderButtonRepresents a collapse/expand button used exclusively by the TExpander component.
TGroupBoxRepresents a graphical control used to arrange multiple related graphical controls on the surface of a form.
TImageControlRepresents a graphical control used to display images on a FireMonkey form.
TLabelRepresents a graphical control used to display text in FireMonkey forms.
TPanelRepresents a generic general-purpose panel used to hold multiple controls for organizing purposes.
TPathLabelRepresents a graphical control used to display information contained in TPathData within FireMonkey forms.
TPresentedTextControlBase class for all presented text controls such as TLabel.
TProgressBarRepresents an animated progress bar indicator for general progress indication.
TRadioButtonRepresents a radio (option) button.
TRadioButtonGroupMessageMessage sent when a radio button inside a radio group is checked.
TScrollBarRepresents a standard scroll bar that is used to scroll the contents of a window, form, or a control.
TSizeGripRepresents a graphical control used to dynamically resize FireMonkey forms.
TSmallScrollBarRepresents a variation of a standard scroll bar.
TSpeedButtonRepresents a push button that contains a text caption, for usage in various toolbars that you might employ into your applications.
TSpeedButtonGroupMessageMessage sent when a speed button inside a group is pressed.
TSplitterTSplitter divides the client area of a FireMonkey form into resizable panes.
TStatusBarRepresents a status bar component for use in FireMonkey forms.
TSwitchRepresents a two-way on-off switch for use in applications.
TSwitchModelData model for the TSwitch control.
TThumbRepresents a thumb control for use with track bars.
TToolBarRepresents a toolbar component for use in FireMonkey forms.
TTrackIs a TCustomTrack with a set of published properties.
TTrackBarRepresents a general-purpose track bar for use in applications where tracking is required.


TAniIndicatorStyleEnumeration of animated indicator styles.
TMouseDownActionSpecifies how the slider moves along the track bar.