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TImageList = class(TCustomImageList)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TImageList : public TCustomImageList


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.ImgList FMX.ImgList


FireMonkey image lists are collections of multi-resolution bitmaps.

TImageList image lists provide collections of small images that can be drawn on different graphical elements of a GUI (like icons on buttons, menu items, and list controls). Image lists are used to efficiently manage large collections of icons or small bitmaps.

TImageList inherits functionality implemented in TCustomImageList and declares published the Source and Destination properties and the OnChange and OnChanged events to be edited in the Object Inspector.

An image list is capable of holding a large number of small images and retrieving them via their index. Image lists also have methods to facilitate storing, retrieving, and drawing of the stored images.

Images in image lists may be bitmaps, icons, PNG, GIF, and JPEG images (any image type that TMultiResBitmap supports). Alpha blending also works properly.

You can adjust the cache size of an image list to either improve the load time of images or reduce the memory usage of the image list.

Using TImageList Image Lists as Centralized Collections of Images provides the overview of TImageList usage.

You can view the video demonstrating typical steps required to create a new Image List in your FireMonkey project and the video demonstrating how to use the Image List Editor to edit Image Lists. We provide the FMX.ImageList Sample which provide typical code fragments demonstrating how to program standard operations with image lists. You can view the video demonstrating features programmed in the 'FMX.ImageList Sample'.

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