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Defines base types used throughout FireMonkey, including 3D drawing types.

Package fmx280.bpl


EContextManagerExceptionException class for TContextManager.
TContext3DClass used for drawing and rendering 3D objects.
TContextBeforeLosingMessageMessage that is sent right before TContextLostMessage.
TContextClassTContextClass defines the metaclass for TContext3D.
TContextLostMessageMessage that indicates that the rendering context has been lost.
TContextManagerManager class for TContext3D.
TContextRemovedMessageMessage that indicates that the rendering context has been removed.
TContextResetMessageMessage that indicates that a rendering context has been created.
TContextShaderEncapsulates native shader programs, variable lists, and types for different architectures.
TIndexBufferRepresents an index buffer.
TMaterialBase class for all materials.
TMaterialClassTMaterialClass defines the metaclass for TMaterial.
TMeshDataClass used for defining the shape of polyhedral objects.
TPosition3DClass that describes the position of a 3D object.
TShaderManagerManages the used shaders.
TTextureDescribe textures used by the FireMonkey 3D framework.
TVertexBufferRepresents a vertex buffer.


GetVertexOffsetReturns the vertex offset according to the vertex format.
RayCastCuboidIntersectReturns how many times the given ray intersects the given cuboid 3D shape.
RayCastEllipsoidIntersectReturns how many times the given ray intersects the given ellipsoid shape.
RayCastPlaneIntersectReturns whether the given ray intersects the given plane.
RayCastSphereIntersectReturns how many times the given ray intersects the given sphere.
RayCastTriangleIntersectReturns whether the given ray intersects the triangle built from the three given vertices.
VertexSizeReturns the size of the vertex based on its format.
WideGetTokenGets a token from a string.


TBoundingBoxRecord type for the information of an axis aligned box in 3D.
TBoxRepresents a box in 3D space.
TClearTargetEnumeration of context clear targets.
TClearTargetsSet of TClearTarget items.
TContextShaderArchEnumerates the types of shader architectures.
TContextShaderCodeAn array of bytes.
TContextShaderHandleSpecific handle for a context shader.
TContextShaderKindEnumerates the types of shaders.
TContextShaderSourceDefines a source of shaders.
TContextShaderVariableDefines a shader variable.
TContextShaderVariableKindEnumerates the types of shader variables.
TContextShaderVariablesArray of TContextShaderVariable.
TContextStateEnumeration of context types.
TLightTypeEnumeration of lighting modes.
TMatrix3DDynArrayDynamic array (of variable length) of TMatrix3D objects.
TMeshVertexDefines a mesh vertex.
TMultisampleEnumeration of antialiasing (multisampling) modes.
TPoint3DDynArrayDynamic array (of variable length) of TPoint3D objects.
TPointFDynArrayDynamic array (of variable length) of TPointF objects.
TProjectionEnumeration of projection modes.
TStencilFuncEnumeration of stencil functions.
TStencilOpEnumeration of stencil operations.
TTextureFilterEnumerates the types of texture filters.
TTextureHandleSpecific handle for a texture.
TTextureStyleEnumerates the styles of a texture.
TTextureStylesSet of TTextureStyle.
TVertexFormatEnumeration of vertex formats.
TVertexFormatsSet of TVertexFormat formats.


NullPoint3DConstant of type TPoint3D that defines a 3D point in space with all its coordinates set to 0.
NullVector3DConstant of type tagVECTOR3D that defines a null 3D vector with its X, Y, and Z components set to 0 and W set to 1.


MaxLightCountMaxLightCount: Integer = $100;