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Provides the standard action classes that are available in FireMonkey, including TVirtualKeyboard, TFileExit, and TWindowClose. Also see FireMonkey Actions.

Creating new standard actions, the programmer should, if this is possible, place the code of these standard actions into this unit (into the FMX.StdActns.pas file).

To show new created standard actions in the IDE's Action List editor (see the image) you should register these standard actions calling to the System.Actions.RegisterActions method.

Standard Action Classes dialog box

If you need that the Action List editor provides the default properties to a new standard action, insert a field to store an object of this standard action type into the TStandardActions class in the FMX.ActnRes unit.

Package fmx280.bpl


IValueRangeThis interface declares methods for setting and getting the ValueRange property.
TBaseValueRangeThis class associates a floating-point number Value with methods and properties used for handling Value between the values specified by Min and Max.
TCustomValueRangeExtends the TBaseValueRange class providing methods and properties used to control the correctness of the Value handling within its Min to Max range.
TCustomValueRangeActionThe base class for actions (without published properties) that can be used by controls having ValueRange-type properties.
TCustomValueRangeClassDefines the metaclass for TCustomValueRange.
TFileExitThe standard action for shutting down the current application.
TFileHideAppThe standard action for hiding and showing (if hidden) a running macOS application.
TFileHideAppOthersThe standard action for hiding all macOS applications, except the receiver.
THintActionThis action executes in order to trigger the OnHint event on all the hint receivers in the active form.
TSysCommonActionA base class for standard actions that provides system functionality.
TValueRangeExtends the TCustomValueRange class declaring Value, Min, Max, and some other properties to be published.
TValueRangeActionClass that can be used by controls having ValueRange-type properties.
TValueRangeActionLinkClass responsible for the communication between an action of type TValueRangeAction and a control that implements the IValueRange interface.
TViewActionShows a component stored in the FmxObject property.
TVirtualKeyboardShows a component stored in the FmxObject property and shows the on-screen virtual keyboard over the surface of this component.
TWindowCloseThe standard action for closing an active modeless form.


DefaultMaxValueDefaultMaxValue: Comp = 100;