FileGetAttr (C++)

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The following code reads a file's attributes into a set variable, sets the check boxes in a file-attribute dialog box to represent the current attributes, and then executes the dialog box. If you change and accept any dialog box settings, the code sets the file attributes to match the changed settings. Click a file to launch the dialog.


#include "fattrdlg.h"

void __fastcall TForm1::FileListMouseUp(TObject *Sender, TMouseButton Button,
      TShiftState Shift, int X, int Y)

  unsigned short  Attributes;
  unsigned short  NewAttributes;

  FileAttrDlg->FileDirName->Caption = FileList->Items->Strings[FileList->ItemIndex];
  FileAttrDlg->FilePathName->Caption = FileList->Directory;
  FileAttrDlg->ChangeDate->Caption = DateTimeToStr(FileDateToDateTime(FileAge(FileList->FileName)));
  Attributes = FileGetAttr(FileList->Items->Strings[FileList->ItemIndex]);
  FileAttrDlg->ReadOnly->Checked = Attributes & faReadOnly;
  FileAttrDlg->Archive->Checked = Attributes & faArchive;
  FileAttrDlg->System->Checked = Attributes & faSysFile;
  FileAttrDlg->Hidden->Checked = Attributes & faHidden;
  if (FileAttrDlg->ShowModal()!= mrCancel){
     NewAttributes = Attributes;
     if (FileAttrDlg->ReadOnly->Checked)
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes | faReadOnly;
		NewAttributes = NewAttributes & ~faReadOnly;

     if (FileAttrDlg->Archive->Checked)
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes | faArchive;
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes & ~faArchive;

     if (FileAttrDlg->System->Checked)
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes | faSysFile;
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes & ~faSysFile;

     if (FileAttrDlg->Hidden->Checked)
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes | faHidden;
       NewAttributes = NewAttributes  & ~faHidden;
     if (NewAttributes != Attributes)
       FileSetAttr(FileAttrDlg->FileDirName->Caption, NewAttributes);