FindFirst (C++)

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The following example uses an edit control, a button, a string grid, and seven check boxes. The check boxes correspond to the seven possible file attributes. When the button is clicked, the path specified in the edit control is searched for files matching the checked file attributes. The names and sizes of the matching files are inserted into the string grid. The Path constant parameter is the directory and file name mask, including wildcard characters. For example, '.\test\*.*' specifies all files in the current directory. Click at least one box before clicking the button.


void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
  TSearchRec sr;
  int iAttributes = 0;
  StringGrid1->RowCount = 1;
  iAttributes |= faReadOnly * CheckBox1->Checked;
  iAttributes |= faHidden * CheckBox2->Checked;
  iAttributes |= faSysFile * CheckBox3->Checked;
  iAttributes |= faVolumeID * CheckBox4->Checked;
  iAttributes |= faDirectory * CheckBox5->Checked;
  iAttributes |= faArchive * CheckBox6->Checked;
  iAttributes |= faAnyFile * CheckBox7->Checked;
  StringGrid1->RowCount = 0;
  if (FindFirst(Edit1->Text, iAttributes, sr) == 0)
      if ((sr.Attr & iAttributes) == sr.Attr)
        StringGrid1->RowCount = StringGrid1->RowCount + 1;
        StringGrid1->Cells[1][StringGrid1->RowCount-1] = sr.Name;
        StringGrid1->Cells[2][StringGrid1->RowCount-1] = IntToStr(sr.Size);
    } while (FindNext(sr) == 0);