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This sample demonstrates how to use the Boost C++ library.


You can find the BoostArchiveDemo sample project at:


The BoostArchiveDemo sample demonstrates how to use the Boost C++ library. Concretely, the intent of this sample is to serve as a tutorial for users of the Serialization package to illustrate most of the facilities of the package. To this end, this sample models the bus system of a small city, including multiple bus stops, bus routes and schedules

How to Use the Sample

  1. Navigate to the location given above and open BoostArchiveDemo.cbproj.
  2. Select a target platform in the Projects Window.
  3. Press F9 or choose Run > Run.

The Boost library is not installed with the default RAD Studio installation. If you do not have the Boost library installed when runnig this sample, the following compilation error appears:

[bcc64 Fatal Error] MainUnit.cpp(27): 'boost/archive/tmpdir.hpp' file not found

See this page to install Boost.


File Contains


The project itself.


The main form.

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