SetEnumProp (C++)

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This example shows how to use GetEnumProp and SetEnumProp in order to check for visual components' properties and change them. This example uses two buttons, Button1 and Button2.


void __fastcall TForm2::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
	//Getting the current color of the workspace
	String currentPropColor = GetEnumProp(this,"Color");
	int currentColorInt = StrToInt(currentPropColor);

	//Getting the first button align enum and, if different,
	//setting it to alLeft
	String currentAlignProp = GetEnumProp(Button1, "Align");
	if (currentAlignProp != "alLeft")
		 SetEnumProp(Button1, "Align", "alLeft");

	//Checking if the form background color was set.
	if(currentColorInt < 0)
		currentColorInt = GetSysColor(COLOR_APPWORKSPACE);

	//Setting the form background color as the negative value
	//of the current background color
	SetEnumProp(this, "Color",
				IntToStr((int)(clWhite - currentColorInt)));

void __fastcall TForm2::Button2Click(TObject *Sender)
	int p[5] = {clYellow, clGreen, clRed, clBlue, clBlack};
	SetEnumProp(this, "Color", IntToStr(p[random(5)]));

	//Getting the second button align enum and, if different,
	//setting it to alRight
	String currentAlignProp = GetEnumProp(Button2, "Align");
	if (currentAlignProp != "alRight")
		 SetEnumProp(Button2, "Align", "alRight");