TAlignment (C++)

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To use this example, place a Toolbar and a RichEdit on the form. Right-click the toolbar and select New Button three times. Place the ToolButton1Click handling code in the on-click event of the first TToolButton, then attach the same OnClick handler for each button. Double-click the Image-List to load the images. Load in the order right, center, and left. Name the Imagelist ToolbarImages. Select the Toolbar and set the Images property to ToolbarImages. Then select each ToolButton and set the ImageIndex property. Selected lines on the RichEdit will be aligned when the toolbar buttons are clicked.


void __fastcall TForm1::ToolButton1Click(TObject *Sender)
  if (Sender == ToolButton1)
    RichEdit1->Paragraph->Alignment = taLeftJustify;
  else if (Sender == ToolButton2)
    RichEdit1->Paragraph->Alignment = taCenter;
  else if (Sender == ToolButton3)
	RichEdit1->Paragraph->Alignment = taRightJustify;