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This example shows how to use a splitter to divide a form into resizable panes. All objects on the form are created dynamically in the OnCreate event handler of the form. To run this example, add ExtCtrls and FileCtrl to the uses clause of the form�s implementation section. Note that, when dynamically creating a splitter at run time, it is important to set its position to the appropriate side of the control it will resize.


__fastcall TForm1::TForm1(TComponent* Owner)
  : TForm(Owner)
  TSplitter* ps = new TSplitter(Form1); // These objects will all be cleaned up by the owner (Form1).
  TFileListBox* pflb = new TFileListBox(Form1); // The parent (Form1) will clean up these objects.
  TDirectoryListBox* pdlb = new TDirectoryListBox(Form1);

  // Line up the directory list box on the left of the form.
  pdlb->Parent = Form1;
  pdlb->Align = alLeft;
  pdlb->Width = Form1->ClientWidth/3;

  // Now use the splitter to divide the directory pane from the file pane.
  ps->Parent = Form1;
  ps->Left = pdlb->Left + pdlb->Width + 1; // Move to the right of the directory list.
  ps->Align = pdlb->Align; // Give the same alignment as for the directory list.

  // Each pane must be at least one quarter of the form's width.
  ps->MinSize = Form1->ClientWidth/4;

  // Finally, create the last pane--a file list box.
  pflb->Parent = Form1;
  pflb->Align = alClient;
  pdlb->FileList = pflb; // Link the file list box to the directory list box.