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Database project management facilities help you organize, alter, and keep track of changes to database objects or SQL scripts. The project management facilities act as a repository to maintain all source code for a database project. Version control functions and build management facilities are also incorporated and help you manage and build projects. Once a project has been created, you can:

  • Review a file's history.
  • Return to earlier versions of a file.
  • Develop concurrently.

A project generally includes SQL script files that you can maintain and create in unison with your database administration and development cycle. Projects can also contain subfolders. You can create projects manually by inserting existing SQL script files. You can also create projects automatically by reverse-engineering a database schema or an existing version control project.

When administering or developing SQL database schemas, SQL source code files are the foundation of effective change management for database objects. The DDL commands used to create database objects on SQL database servers are often in a constant state of flux as new columns and constraints are added to table schemas or stored procedure logic is changed. The ability to track and store these changes to files alleviates any disruption in the development environment.

Lengthy script files containing the DDL to compile stored procedures and triggers on a database server such as Oracle or Sybase Adaptive Server go through constant revisions similar to C program files and word processing documents. The Project Management facilities let you effectively monitor revisions for your database servers.