Working with Configuration/initialization Parameters

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Go Up to Server Management Options

You can view, extract, and modify DBMS-specific configuration/parameters:

Platform Parameter, options, or variables For a listing, see:


Database systems configuration parameters

Supported DB2 LUW System Configuration Parameters


Server System Variables

Supported MySQL Server System Variables


Initialization parameters

Supported Oracle Initialization Parameters


Server Configuration Options

Supported SQL Server Configuration Options


Configuration parameters

Supported Sybase ASE Configuration Parameters

To display the server configuration/initialization parameters and options

  1. Open the Datasource Explorer as configuration/parameter nodes are not visible in the Navigator. For more information, see Working with Bookmarks.
  2. Connect to the datasource for which you want to view the server configuration/initialization parameters or options.
    For details, see Connecting to Datasources.
  3. Take one of the following actions:
    • If working against a DB2 LUW datasource, select the Database Configuration node.
    • If working against a SQL Server, MySQL, or Sybase ASE datasource, expand the Server node and then select the Configuration node.
    • If working against an Oracle datasource, expand the Instance node and then select the Configuration node.
    Server configuration/initialization parameters or options are displayed in the right pane of the Explorer.

See the following topics provide instructions on other available options: