Datasource and Server Management

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After installation, you must set up datasource definitions to establish reusable connections to your database servers. The following topics describe the function of datasources, the process of establishing datasource connections, and the related options provided:

Registering Datasources

Provides instructions on how to set up datasource definitions, manually and automatically.

Connecting to Datasources

Provides instructions on how to how to connect to datasources, manually and automatically.

Trouble-shooting Client Setup

Provides advice on solving common connectivity problems.

Using the Datasource Navigator/Explorer

Describes the user interface mechanism that lets you browse among datasources, drill down to the database object level, and initiate datasource or object actions.

Using the Manage Datasources Utility

Describes a utility offering shortcuts to datasource options.

In addition, DBArtisan offers a set of server operation and configuration options. For details, see Server Management Options.