Find/Replace Options in Coding Environments

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Each text-based editor offers basic find and find/replace text functions.

To invoke the Find or Find/Replace facility

  1. With a text editor active, select Edit > Find or Edit > Replace.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to working with the resulting dialog:
Option Description

Find What

Lets you type your search string.

Replace With (Replace only)

Lets you type the replacement text.

Match whole word only

Select to search for only the complete word.

Match Case

Select to make the search case-sensitive.

Regular expression

Indicates the the find string contains regular expressions. For more information, see Regular Expressions Support.

Wrap around search

Lets you search from the end of the script and back to the insertion point.


Lets you specify the direction you want to search. Click the Up or Down option button.


Click to find the next occurrence of your search string.

Bookmark All (Find only)

Places a bookmark at each line containing the find string. For details, see Working with Coding Environment Bookmarks.

In Selection

Replaces all instance of the find string with the replace string within a selected block of text.

Replace Button (Replace only)

Click replace the current selection.

Replace All Button (Replace only)

Click to automatically find and replace all occurrences of your search string within the current window.

Selecting Edit > Repeat Find finds the next instance of the most recently used find string without opening the Find or Replace dialog.