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The PL/SQL Profiler module lets Oracle developers capture metrics of various PL/SQL programmable objects as they are executed in the database. Developers can use data collected in profile sessions to improve performance of PL/SQL code execution. The PL/SQL Profiler collects and stores data in database tables that let you identify and isolate performance problems and provide code coverage information. The PL/SQL Profiler lets you:

  • Graphically browse PL/SQL profiling data within the Explorer Tab
  • View profiling data in the right pane of the application, which is populated as you navigate the Explorer Tab
  • Start and stop PL/SQL profiling sessions with a single click
  • Graphically analyze time spent in each programmable object (unit)
  • Graphically analyze time spent in each source code line of a unit


  • Oracle built-in package DBMS_PROFILER
  • Oracle tables:
  • PLSQL_PROFILER_DATA (user's schema)

The table below describes the sections of this chapter:

Section Description

Setting up PL/SQL Profiler

Describes the process of setting up the PL/SQL Profiler.

PL/SQL Profiler Functionality

Describes the functionality of the PL/SQL Profiler.

Using PL/SQL Profiler

Describes how to run a profile session.

Note: The PL/SQL Profiler is an optional add-on module.