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Important Advisory Notes

  • If you want to run DBArtisan on Microsoft Windows 8.1, verify that third-party DBMS native drivers install properly. Consider using a JDBC connection.

Known Issues

Issue # Description DBMS


Inherited Partitions on Index are not showing while creating index from table in Data Compression tab.

SQL Server


Selection issues in schema migration.


Schema migration does not work for few cases.


Incorrect alter query generating in the cases of extended alter for In-memory and temporal tables.

SQL Server


Remote Debugger Support.

SQL Server


Filestream creation is not available in DBArtisan.

SQL Server


Schema migration doesn't work if object not selected explicitly.


[SQL Azure] Unable to create In-memory Tables in Azure.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Data Masking property is not showing in table columns in Azure.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Temporal properties tab is not showing while creating tables.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Unable to create Spatial Index in Azure.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Unable to create Secondary XML index in Azure.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Unable to create Primary XML index in Azure.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Columnstore index is not available in index types in Azure to create.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Data compression tab in Index is disabled in Azure.

SQL Azure


[SQL Azure] Data compression tab for table is disabled in Azure.

SQL Azure


Extract is different for Snapshot Database in DBArtisan and SSMS.

SQL Server


[Postgres] unable to perform extract operation on roles.



"Table columns" button is not present in create index wizard in postgres".



Refresh issue in object population for indexes.


"Showing exclusion constraint as exclusion key " in combo box on top when opened exclusion constraint in Postgres.



[postgres]Schema Publication - com.embarcadero.dboject.generic.framework.indexcolumnlmpl Error.



[postgres]Schema Publication - concurrentmodificationexception Error.



[postgres]Schema publication - Null Point Exception error.



[primary key] Does primary key editor should contain index name under attributes or not?



[views]Revoke cascading option is not available in permissions tab->revoke drop down.



With NOCHECK' property for constraints while creating new table.

SQL Server


Full.At shutdown for Durability is not applicable for TEMP db-Sybase.


  • The current version of DBArtisan does not support the MySQL ODBC client that shipped with previous versions of DBArtisan. If DBArtisan crashes after connecting to a MySQL data source:
  1. Close DBArtisan.
  2. Uninstall the older MySQL ODBC client.
  3. Restart DBArtisan and try connecting to a MySQL datasource. You are prompted to install the MySQL client drivers.
  4. Follow the installation instructions to install the new driver.
  • Note that when debugging a procedure against an Oracle data source, DBArtisan performs a compilation before debugging. During a compilation, Oracle invalidates referencing objects. For example, if procedures A2 and A3 both reference procedure A1, debugging procedure A1 in DBArtisan, will result in procedures A2 and A3 being invalidated.
  • In some situations the Database Monitor may prompt to connect to an already connected datasource if auto-connect is not enabled for that datasource.
  • For servers running on Sybase version 12.5.3a, the CREATE ENCRYPTION KEY and DECRYPT permissions do not display properly--they'll be shown as null. See Sybase's document CR392544 ("sp_helpprotect does not show privileges related to encryption keys."). This has been fixed in ASE version 12.5.3a/ESD#1 (now available as a download) and ASE version 12.5.4.
  • The SQL Server Agent failing problem is caused by the lack of permission to enumerate the status of the server service. To determine the status of the server, the user must have permission to check the status of the server service. If the user running DBArtisan at the client machine is a not a local user who can be authenticated at the server machine, the Server Agent jobs will fail.
    • If the user that runs DBArtisan is not a domain user, create the same user with the same password on the server.
    • If the user is a domain user, make sure the user can login to the server.
  • When you are using the Debugger:
    • The Debugger windows (Variables, Watch, CallStack, Dependency) cannot be undocked. This behavior is deliberate and is true only for the Debugger windows. The Output window can be undocked.
    • When running Windows XP SP2, SQL Server 2000 SP4 is required on both the client and the server.
    • When running the Debugger on SQL Server 2005 CLIENTS:
  1. Verify that the file ssdebugps.dll is registered on the client machine. This file is REQUIRED for debugging and Microsoft only installs it on the server machine and not as a part of a client-only install.
  2. Follow the instructions under the "Configure DCOM on the computer that is running Visual Studio. NET" heading from Microsoft to reconfigure the DCOM settings on your client machine:
  3. On the Default Properties tab of the My Computer dialog box, make sure the Default Authentication Level is set to None and that the Default Impersonation Level is set to Impersonate.
  • When using the IDERA Sybase debugger against a Sybase database with multiple temporary databases (supported in Sybase ASE and above), either the user or the debugger application must be bound to a specific temporary database.
    • To bind the IDERA Sybase Debugger:
      sp_tempdb "bind" , "ap", "Sybase Debugger", "DB", "<tempdb name>"
    • To bind the user:
      sp_tempdb "bind", "lg", "<login id>", "DB", "<tempdb name>"
  • The BCP (bulk copy) data movement option is disabled for cross-platform migration. In addition, to use the BCP in a Sybase-to-Sybase migration, the user must be logged in as System Administrator *or* the "select into/bulkcopy/pllsort" database option must be true on the target catalog. If this option is "false" on the target catalog, BCP will not appear as a data movement option for non-system users.
  • DBArtisan is currently unable to create table names, column names, and check constraint names longer than 18 characters on an OS390 mainframe database.
  • On SQL Server 2005, the Browser component is disabled by default. With this service disabled, in DBArtisan you cannot reference SQL Server instances by name, only by port number. If you want the ability to reference SQL Server instances by name, you must enable this service on the server.

Bug Fixes

Bugs Fixed in DBArtisan 18.0

Issue # Description DBMS/OS


Space Analyst doesn't install when using Windows Authentication


DBArtisan has limited range when searching for string in Log file



Query to populate a role triggers an error



Oracle DDL extraction error



DBArtisan incorrectly lists a login as having an expired password, even though the login is marked with a non-expiring password

Sybase ASE

Bugs Fixed in Rapid SQL 18.0

Issue # Description DBMS/OS


When not running Rapid SQL as an Administrator the program crashes

Db2 for LUW