Setting Visual Difference options

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Go Up to Visual Difference

The Visual Diff dialog box lets you set display and comparison options to help you customize the dialog box to view differences in a comprehensive manner.

To set options for visual difference operations

  1. On the Tools menu, click Visual Diff.
  2. Click the Options icon on the toolbar.
    The Visual Diff Options dialog box opens.
  3. Use the following table as a guide to setting options in this dialog:
Option Description Default

Display Line Numbers

Indicates that line numbers should be displayed.


Display Hidden Characters

Indicates that hidden, nonprintable characters should be displayed.


Ignore White Space

Indicates that White Space (such as spaces, carriage returns, line feeds, and tabs) should be ignored. If this option is set on, text will be considered equivalent regardless of white space. Otherwise the text will be shown as being different.


Ignore Hidden Characters

Indicates that nonprintable characters should be excluded.


Ignore Case

Indicates that case should not be a differentiating factor.


4. Click OK.