Supported Sybase ASE Configuration Parameters

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The following parameters are available from the Explorer’s Configuration node. For information on working with these parameters, see Working with Configuration/initialization Parameters.

SQL Perfmon Integration

SQL batch capture

abstract plan cache

abstract plan dump

abstract plan load

abstract plan replace

additional network memory

allocate max shared memory

allow backward scans

allow nested triggers

allow procedure grouping

allow remote access

allow resource limits

allow sendmsg

allow sql server async i/o

allow updates to system tables

audit queue size


average cap size

'caps per ccb

check password for digit

cis bulk insert array size

cis bulk insert batch size

cis connect timeout

cis cursor rows

cis packet size

cis rpc handling

configuration file

cpu accounting flush interval

cpu grace time'

curread change w/ open cursors

current audit table

deadlock checking period

deadlock pipe active

deadlock pipe max messages

deadlock retries

default character set id

default database size

default exp_row_size percent

default fill factor percent

default language id

default network packet size

default sortorder id

default unicode sortorder

default xml sortorder

disable character set conversions

disable disk mirroring

disk i/o structures

dtm detach timeout period

dtm lock timeout period

dump on conditions

dynamic allocation on demand

enable DTM

enable HA

enable cis

enable enterprise java beans

enable file access

enable full-text search

enable housekeeper GC

enable java

enable job scheduler

enable ldap user auth

enable metrics capture

enable monitoring

enable pam user auth

enable real time messaging

enable rep agent threads

enable row level access

enable semantic partitioning

enable snmp

enable sort-merge join and JTC

enable ssl

enable surrogate processing

enable unicode conversions

enable unicode normalization

enable webservices

enable xact coordination

enable xml

errorlog pipe active

errorlog pipe max messages

esp execution priority

esp execution stacksize

esp unload dll

event buffers per engine

event log computer name

event logging

executable codesize + overhead

extended cache size

global async prefetch limit

global cache partition number

heap memory per user

histogram tuning factor

housekeeper free write percent

i/o accounting flush interval

i/o batch size

i/o polling process count

identity burning set factor

identity grab size

job scheduler interval

job scheduler tasks

license information

lock address spinlock ratio

lock hashtable size

lock scheme

lock shared memory

lock spinlock ratio

lock table spinlock ratio

lock wait period

log audit logon failure

log audit logon success

max SQL text monitored

max async i/os per engine

max async i/os per server

max cis remote connections

max concurrently recovered db

max memory

max native threads per engine

max network packet size

max number network listeners

max online engines

max parallel degree

max repartition degree

max resource granularity

max scan parallel degree

maximum dump conditions

maximum failed logins

maximum job output

memory alignment boundary

memory per worker process

messaging memory

minimum password length

msg confidentiality reqd

msg integrity reqd

number of alarms

number of aux scan descriptors

number of ccbs

number of checkpoint tasks

number of devices

number of dtx participants

number of dump threads

number of engines at startup

number of histogram steps

number of index trips

number of java sockets

number of large i/o buffers

number of locks

number of mailboxes

number of messages

number of oam trips

number of open databases

number of open indexes

number of open objects

number of open partitions

number of pre-allocated extents

number of remote connections

number of remote logins

number of remote sites

number of sort buffers

number of user connections

number of worker processes

o/s file descriptors

object lockwait timing

open index hash spinlock ratio

open index spinlock ratio

open object spinlock ratio

optimization goal

optimization timeout limit

page lock promotion HWM

page lock promotion LWM

page lock promotion PCT

page utilization percent

partition groups

partition spinlock ratio

per object statistics active

percent database for history

percent database for output

percent history free

percent output free

performance monitoring option

permission cache entries

plan text pipe active

plan text pipe max messages

print deadlock information

print recovery information

procedure cache size

process wait events

read committed with lock

recovery interval in minutes

remote server pre-read packets

row lock promotion HWM

row lock promotion LWM

row lock promotion PCT

rtm thread idle wait period

runnable process search count

sampling percent

secure default login

select on syscomments.text

send doneinproc tokens

shared memory starting address

size of auto identity column

size of global fixed heap

size of process object heap

size of shared class heap

size of unilib cache

sql server clock tick length

sql text pipe active

sql text pipe max messages

stack guard size

stack size

start mail session

statement cache size

statement pipe active

statement pipe max messages

statement statistics active

strict dtm enforcement

suspend audit when device full

syb_sendmsg port number

sysstatistics flush interval

systemwide password expiration

tape retention in days

tcp no delay

text prefetch size

time slice

total data cache size

total logical memory

total physical memory

txn to pss ratio

unified login required

upgrade version

use security services

user log cache size

user log cache spinlock ratio

wait event timing

xact coordination interval

xp_cmdshell context