Using the DDL Editor

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You use the DDL Editor when you want to create a script that is tied to an object type in your database. The DDL Editor opens containing a template script for the selected object type. Because the DDL Editor is directly tied to a database, database warning messages can be issued. For example, if you have a create table script which includes a DROP TABLE statement, the DDL Editor warns you about the existence of this statement and that you could lose existing table data.

Tip: Since you must drop a database object before you can recreate it, you can set the DDL Editor to automatically include DROP statements for specified objects. For more information, see the DBMS platform-specific topics under DDL Extract Options.

To create an object using the DDL EDitor

  1. On the File menu, select New > DDL Editor.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to completing the dialog:
Option Description

Object Type

Lets you select the object type to which you want to attach the script.


Lets you type the name of the object owner for the object. The name of the owner connected to the current datasource is used as the default.

Object Name

Lets you type the name of the object type.

  1. Click OK.
The DDL opens in the SQL Editor. A subset of SQL Editor functionality becomes available. For more information, see Using the SQL Editor.