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Editor: A developer can write java in a Eclipse that calls to the database with SQL. The SQL that calls to the database can be written in the Editor with type ahead, code assist and quick fixes to show the users syntax and correct mistakes.

Load Tester: The SQL code can be run in the Load Tester to test execution by multiple concurrent users. User load testing is so often done my one single user and then problems don’t appear until production with multiple concurrent users. Concurrent user testing is a breeze in DB Optimizer.

Profiler: can be run while the Load Tester is executing to show clearly the impact on the database. The profiler can also be used by QA on load simulation. Finally the Profiler can be run on any production database to clearly show load, bottlenecks and sources of bottlenecks or resource consumption.

Tuner: finally if a problem SQL is found on the system the Tuner will show if it’s correctly optimized by the database or not, and if not it will show the best plan and what hints or optimizer directives can be included in the SQL to force the database to use the optimal plan. For Oracle these hints can even be stored in the database so that there is no need to even change the original SQL text.