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Sybase - MDA tables

The procedure for installing the MDA tables on version 12.5 and 15 is identical. Here is screenshot showing the content of the scripts directory on an ASE 15: MDA Installs.PNG

If you are running ASE on windows then be sure to use the windows variable notation as the command above is for unix. So if Sybase installed on c:\sybase then the command should be:

isql –U sa –P youspassword –I c:\sybase\ASE-15_0\scripts\installmontables

Or from the c:> prompt run :

isql –U sa –P youspassword –I %sybase%\%sybase_ase%\scripts\installmontables

On linux

isql -U sa -P yourpassword -S YourServerName –i $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/installmontables