Oracle: Free buffer wait

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Data Block Cache lack free buffers

Tune by
Increase data blocks
Try to tune DBWR
If no ASYNC use I/O Slaves (dbwr_io_slaves)
Multiple DBWR (db_writer_processes)
Direct I/O
Improving Inefficient SQL
requesting large # of blocks

Finding a Free Block:

If the data block isn’t in cache
  • Get a free block and header in the buffer cache
  • Read it off disk
  • Update the free header
  • Read the block into the buffer cache

Need Free Block to Read in New Data Block

Free buffer how.PNG

Free buffer rearrange1.PNG

Free buffer xbh lru0.PNG

Free buffer xbh lru.PNG

Free buffer xbh lru2.PNG

Free buffer xbh lru3.PNG

Lru hot cold.PNG

Lru midpoint insertion.PNG

Lru sets.PNG