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Command line from Performance Center

Integration of DB Optimizer with Performance Center requires that the following 3 directories be read and writeable:

a. Output directory

Given by the command line parameter “tofile: C:\DBO\output.oar”

b. Workspace

  • Given by the command line parameter “-data "C:\DBO\workspace”
  • Or modifiable at the workspace prompt when starting DB Optimizer
  • Or inside of DB Optimizer with the menu option
“File->Switch Workspace->Other…”

c. Data source files

  • Modifiable in DB Optimizer with the menu choice
“Window -> Preferences -> Data Sources”
  • You have to change both the directories
    • “Data Sources”
    • “Metadata”
Metadata is just the .\metadata sub-directory of “Data Sources”

If PC service runs as a local windows user who installed DB Optimizer, then it should be able, by default, to read and write to that users directories and no extra steps are necessary, but if the “Embarcadero Performance Center” service is running as “Local System” the files have to be located outside of the local users directory (because I have found no way to grant read and write to “Local System” on users directories except for sharing the directory on the network open to anyone)

For example if I, user “kyleh”, installed DB Optimizer on my desktop then my workspace and datasource directories would be in

C:\documents and settings\kyleh

More precisely :

Workspace ( by default)
C:\documents and settings\kyleh\dboptimizer\workspace
Datasources (by default)
C:\documents and settings\kyleh\Application Data\embarcadero\workspace
Metadata (by default)
C:\documents and settings\kyleh\Application Data\embarcadero\workspace\metadata

The Performance Center service user, “Local System” can’t access these users directories, so I have to move these directories to a location such as:


For example:

C:\DBO\workspace\ C:\DBO\datasources\ C:\DBO\datasources\metadata\ C:\DBO\outputfiles\

NOTE: when setting up Performance Center to kick of DB Optimizer it's also useful to have email notifications set up:

In Performance Center Here are the steps you have to do:

1. In menu Monitor-> Server options -> Notifier tab you have to fill in the Host Name for the Mail server ( I remember I set it there when I was looking at the DBO actions)
2. Create a notification -> See this test case: http://vmsfjira:8665/browse/PMAN-4977
3. If you add a notification following the test steps above after that you have to attach it to the alert:
a. Right click on an statistic and choose Alerts option from the context menu (e.g TS Low on space)
b. Double click on the alert and move the newly added notification from Available Notifications to Selected Notification.
c. If you don’t check the Send reminder every X min/hour the email will be send only when the alert is activated and when it is cleared.

NOTE: Performance Center actions can be disabled by disabling the alert or by disabling the action. Make sure both the alert is enable as well as the action is enabled.

NOTE: One way to somewhat simulate Performance Center services kicking off a DB Optimizer session is using the command "at 00:00 /interactive cmd.exe" which will open up a cmd shell as SYSTEM. LOCAL SYSTEM is who the Performance Center service runs as, so this is similar though not exact.